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Nazareno is a small village that lies in the hearth of Argentina’s Altiplano, where the province of Salta embraces Jujuy and borders with Bolivia, and where the heights reach 5.000 mt above the sea level.  About 1.700 people live there, most of which are Kolla descendants (the number rises to 3.000 during school time) but what makes Nazareno unique within the whole region is definitely the amazing richness in biodiversity and the great potential in terms of natural resources.
The whole Nazareno valley abounds in a wide range of aromatic herbs and plants, such as mint, sarkari, muña-muña, suico, rica-rica, yerba buena, just to mention a few. Most of these plants are commonly used for individual consumption and for traditional medicine, as well as for ceremonial practices. A series of researches conducted by specialized scientists suggest that dozens of these plants maybe used to shape a variety of high quality products, mainly but not limited to the cosmetic and food industries.
To enhance such great, latent potential with the goal to limit rural depopulation and empower the local economy, BIOPHILIA is currently working with the Nazareno community to build up an equipped laboratory that will allow to process and transform the local plants and herbs into a unique resource.
The project will contribute to create a set of new labour and employment opportunities, through the sustainable exploitation of the natural resources. BIOPHILIA will provide the community with a diversified program of specialized professional training, empowering Nazareno’s productive potential — and will contribute to develop and commercialize a portfolio of essential oils, tea and infusions, among other regional products with high added value.
The productive flow will be shaped and organized to preserve and enhance both biodiversity and the traditional knowledge, while reinforcing the local economy and Nazareno’s cultural heritage.



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In order to make the NAZARENO project possible, BIOPHILIA signed a partnership agreement with XERJOFF, the worldwide celebrated Italian brand known for its excellence in luxury perfumery and its unique ability to create some of the most exquisite scents available on the international market. In line with the company’s high ethical standards and BIOPHILIA’s mission, XERJOFF committed to a significant endorsement crafting and commercializing CRUZ DEL SUR, a unique Eau de Parfum produced exclusively for BIOPHILIA.

The proceeds from the sales will go into funding the construction of the laboratory and to provide specialized professional training. Subsequently, XERJOFF will buy the essential oils produced locally, in line with the Principles of Fair Trade that characterize the project, to produce new fragrances.

Learn more about the XERJOFF for BIOPHILIA initiative.










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Hugo Osedo